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River Kwai Jungle Rafts

Tambol Tasao, Amphur Saiyoke,
Kanchanaburi 70150

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Travel Reviews: rate review 7.6 (83 reviews)

Welcome to River Kwai Jungle Rafts, the magnificent close-to-nature floating lodge founded in 1976 on the historic River Kwai, in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. River Kwai Jungle Rafts is an ideal destination for everyone who seeks not only a magical place to getaway to but also a legend to be experienced. Your visit will be rewarded with a life-long memorable experience that once you have ever been overnight on the historic River Kwai. You will enjoy not only the stunning nature surroundings of tropical forest, but also a unique blend of the culture and tradition of Mon people, and the history of World War II. It has been over 31 years that we serve all discerning travelers with friendliness and hearty service making our Jungle Rafts distinct from the others.

The magical settings, the simple yet awesome services have already gained the reputation of becoming the outstanding housing raft in Kanchanaburi in Thailand. Resembling a floating home, Jungle Rafts can be defined as simply marvelous. Resembling nothing less than paradise, the room facilities at Jungle Rafts gives you a taste of living in style even in the midst of Nature. The legendary River Kwai in Kanchanaburi is undoubtedly the perfect place to be the location of Jungle Rafts where you can thoroughly enjoy the magic of nature.

Getting to this magical place is half the fun. An exhilarating forty-minute boat trip from Pakseng pier or fifteen-minute from Resotel pier through spectacular gorges, beckoning beaches and clusters of brilliantly colored birds, delight the senses as one ventures deeper into the wild of the jungle.

As for our concept of original floating hotel, instead of using electricity, we conserve the natural ambience with our Jungle Rafts concept by using lamp for lighting your room.

Room Facilities
  • - Attached bathroom
  • - Cold Shower only
  • - Toiletries
  • - Dressing table
  • - Cloths hanger
  • - Balcony
  • - Private balcony
  • - Kerosene lamp
  • - Hammock
  • - Key chain torch
  • - Bottled water
  • - Mosquito net
  • - Hand-held fan
  • - Non-smoking rooms
Dine under the clear blue sky and see the river flowing in its own pace. Enjoy this unique dining experience at Jungle Rafts. Wooden table and chairs make for the perfect decor and you can begin your day with a hot American Breakfast. As the day goes, enjoy a sumptuous lunch and a lovely dinner consisting of Thai specialties.

Serving sumptuous American breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring Western delicacies and Thai specialties, round the clock, the restaurant overlooking the river is fine for open air dining. The sitting arrangements comprise of wooden furniture's which even unfinished lends it a natural look.

Breakfast Outdoor Restaurant Jungle Bars
Dinning Dinning Outdoor Dinning
We surely serve our guests with unforgettable experience during their stay with truly, touchy, and unique natural environment along with friendly services. We guarantee our guests that they would feel, touch, and enjoy gorgeously enrich-green natural surrounding than they would ever be.

Recreation & Facilities
  • - Massage
  • - Mon dance presentation
  • - Mon village & Mon temple visit
  • - Elephant riding
  • - Trekking
  • - Bamboo rafting
  • - Boat rental service with driver
  • - Reception
  • - Waterfall visit
  • - Cave visit
  • - River Jumping
  • - Swimming in the River Kwai
  • - Canoes
  • - 24-hour security
  • - Tour desk
  • - First Aid
Relax Relax Massage Raft
Boat Trip Relax Corner Thai Traditional Massage
For recreation, guests do not need to leave the premises as there are plenty of activities available. Guests can try out canoeing and pay a visit to the nearby cave and beautiful water falls or explore the jungle on an elephant back. Being situated on the shores of the legendary river, guests can enjoy a swim in the river. Enjoy the tribal Mon Folk dances in the evening or go for a pampering massage session.

Apart from enjoying the nature walks, trekking, mountain biking, canoeing down the river and discovering the beauty of the waterfalls, flora and fauna and paying a visit to the Mon Villages, guests can have a great time at the Jungle Rafts enjoying the live orchestra of authentic traditional Mon Dance, a very rare performance that hardly find elsewhere today.

Elephant Riding Enjoy River jump River Jumping
Bamboo Rafting Canoeing Mon Dance
The location of the River Kwai Jungle Rafts is in the heart of the dense forest and along the lovely river Kwai and can also be reached by taking a frequent pick up long tail boat. Individual cars can be parked at the 'Resotel' pier. Your cars is safe in our parking lot. Time taken will be around 20 minutes to reach the Jungle Rafts. It is the only and the best way to get to our marvelous floating hotel.

HOW TO GET TO THE JUNGLE RAFTS in Kanchanaburi, Thailand
From the pier where you can park your car in a security parking lot with 24 hour security (with no additional cost of parking if you are our resort guests) , we will transfer you to our cozy resort via a frequent traditional wooden long-tailed boat giving you horsd'euvres before experiencing your memorable stays in The River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

Kanchanaburi in Thailand is very easy to reach as it is close to Bangkok. There are ways to reach the Unseen Paradise, The River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

By Train from bangkok
Go to Bangkok Noi Railway Station (in Thai: "Sa Tha Nee Rot Fai Bangkok Noi") and take the Nam Tok bound train to Kanchanaburi.  To get to Bangkok Noi Railway Station by Chao Phraya River Ferries, as you get on to the ferry ask to go to "Tha Rot Fai", which means "Railway Station Pier". The fare is THB28 (3rd class - non-air conditioned). Trains depart Bangkok Noi Railway Station daily at 07:45 am, arriving in Nam Tok Railway Station at 12:50 pm, and 01:50 pm, arriving 18:40. Alight at Namtok Railway Station rent a local mini bus to get to Resotel pier (10 K.M. far from the station - on left hand side of the 323 road). Then catch a long-tailed boat from Resotel pier to River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

By Car from Bangkok
From the centre of Bangkok, head for Phra Pinklao Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue along Pinklao Road for 35 K.M. until you reach the junction with the A2. Turn right, following the signs for Ratchaburi. Pass through Nakhon Chaisri and the Nakhon Pathom bypass. About 5 K.M. further on from the bypass, look for the flyover and the sign for Kanchanaburi. Take the flyover and continue along the A323 to Ban Pong. From Ban Pong, follow the signs to Kanchanaburi (a further 50 K.M.). When you reach Kanchanaburi, pass through the town about 6 K.M., there is a junction, turn left and following the signs to the Saiyoke Noi Waterfalls. The Resotel pier is located about 60 K.M. from the city centre and about 8 K.M. from the Saiyoke Noi Waterfalls on left hand side. The pier is 1.5 K.M. from the entrance. Then catch a long-tailed boat from Resotel pier to River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

By Bus from Bangkok
Go to the Southern Air-Conditioned Bus Terminal on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River (in Thai: "Sa Tha Nee Rot Tour Sai Tai") Take the blue and white air-conditioned public bus number 81 to Kanchanaburi, from Stop Number 4. The journey takes about 2 hours (129 K.M.). From Kanchanaburi Bus Station, take a air-conditioned V.I.P. bus or van number 8203 to "Sangkhlaburi" or number 9918 to "Three Pagoda Pass", they will pass the entrance of Resotel pier which is at 54th Kilometre post sign in Saiyoke district and the journey takes about 1 hours. After get off the bus, you have to walk another 1.5 K.M. to Resotel pier. Then catch a long-tailed boat from Resotel pier to River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

Keep driving on Saeng-Chuto Road until you see the junction and turn left as soon as you see the sign post telling you to go along the Saiyoke-Thong Pha Phum route (still on route 323). Then will take you about an hour more to get to Resotel pier (From the main town-River Kwai Bridge-The entrance to Resotel pier is at 54th Kilometer post sign in Saiyoke district).


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Date et voyageurCommentaires sur River Kwai Jungle Rafts - Kanchanaburi - SaiyokeQuote
5 Avril 2014
Not an hotel to go by yourself. It is better to get in with an organized tour, that include a night with activities during your stay. They are absolutely clueless for helping you with activities. If something is proposed it is so outrageously expensive that you have to forgot. The price for renting a long-tail boat is more than 2000 THB for a hour... I asked then if it is possible to have a taxi to Kanchanaburi (about 70 km) and price proposed was about 2000 THB or more (quoted). A taxi was proposed itself for 1300 THB ! To get from the pier to the main road, they asked 50 THB per persons ! When at the pier, I asked someone to get to the main road and it was 15 THB (2 km) ! These exemples to tell that they are too expensive, the rooms also is expensive , we are talking of 4000 THB more for a nice room but without any facilities, i.e electricity.
23 Decembre 2013
Annmarie Fallaize
Not over helpful when we arrived late, unable to get food. Drinks at bar expensive, though service good!
9 Septembre 2013
enjoyed our trip to river kwai and visits to all the museums and kanchanaburi war cemetery. a lot of sadness but also plenty of reflections of a war that claimed so many lives. loved the food at our floatel although we didn t really believed the guide when he told us that our rooms have no electricity or hot water. but we still managed to make the most of it. loved the hammocks in front and behind our room!!
12 Juin 2012
Megan Evans
What a fnatastic experience we had at the River Kwai Jungle Rafts. We travelled in a group of 10 which included 4 children aged between 7-12. Every single one of us ranked our experience on the rafts as one of our trip highlights (not bad considering we were travelling for 6 weeks!!) and all wished we d spent at least another night. Truly an unforgettable experience - thank you.
19 Fevrier 2012
Tatiana Matsalak
The staff were exellent. Our guider was a person who give us anoumouse infirmation about cultural and historical aspect their tribe. Cuisine was delicious. If you want to have unfogettable journey I recconend you visit the river Kwai.
26 Janvier 2012
Claude Labelle
Special hotel complex. Good for two nights because not many things to do and the meals are so so. Very interesting, spectacular and worth seeing .
18 Janvier 2012
Jesper Dideriksen
we have payd for 3 nights but we chekt out after 1 night, becouse what you want to do it was so ekspencive, and if we want to go someware they try to sell a trip and just hussel us for money so we dident like it, cant be tru that you have to pay so much for so little...
17 Juillet 2011
Mr. Surin
Nice resort with EcoTourism. Kids were very enjoy jump water, cayak. Romantic dinner! Peaceful and relax without communications. Weak point : can t order food, need to wait for serve foods only. Not good for family who s baby or small kid. No electricity! Sure that no air condition and tv.
7 Mars 2011
no eletricity... night without a fan coulb be a big challenge
6 Fevrier 2011
Lex Forster
What a fabulous experience. Floating on a fast slowing river in the middle of the jungle. The staff and personal guide were fantastic. I recommend this place for anyone looking for something a bit different.
27 Janvier 2011
[email protected]
The rafts were good & it was very relaxing. We were not told that if we wanted western food it had to be ordered the day before. I was a bit shocked to find we had kerosene lamps for the (Wooden) rooms to find that they leaked & so could not be taken into the room at night. Beds hard.
15 Janvier 2011
Bartosz Hilla
Well, I have never left a negative feedback in my life but I feel I have to. It was the biggest dissapointment ever. The price for the room is soo expensive and then they even charge extra 900 Baht for taking you to the hotel...so if you want to get there you have no other options but to pay. And if you complain over the phone,don tbe surprised if they hang up on you. There are a number of days out they organise but the price they ask for it is far far expensive. The dinner is served between 7- 7.30 which leaves you with no chance really. The quality of the food was ok, but for the price you d expect at least fine dining :) It s a shame though because the location is awesome and the rooms are nice,but I think they ve gone far with the prices. If you have a wallet full of money choose it,otherwise stay away.
6 Janvier 2011
Gachet Sandra
Super endroit qui sort de l ordinaire, original.
15 Decembre 2010
Charlotte Knight
We really enjoyed our time on the jungle rafts, the setting was beautiful and the staff were more than helpful to make our trip memorable. One particular staff member (Bligh) offered excellent service and was a pleasure to deal with.
6 Decembre 2010
Will book using this agency again.
9 Mars 2010
Robert Astbury
The Jungle River Rafts have no electric, internet, hot water or air-conditioning, all amenities that I consider essential in my everyday existence. But this is what makes the resort so unique and a special retreat from the hustle and bustle. This was my 17th visit since 1977 which is probably the best possible endorsement. There have been many extensions and improvements since my first visit, including massage facilities, but these have only added to the wonderful charm of the resort. The staff are all very friendly, processional and eager to please. There are various excursions available and the tour guides, some of whom were born here, speak excellent English and are keen to explain and share the intriguing history of the Jungle River Rafts. In grading the resort below please take into account my very first sentence stating that there is no electric, internet, hot water of air-conditioning but this adds to the unique appeal.
2 Janvier 2010
Mr.Haja Basith
It was really nice experiance and a very pleasant visit at River Kwai Jungle Raft. I would really appreciate them for their innovative things which they have created there. I will surely share my experiance with my friends and relative and will surely visit again with my friends. Thank you for the hospitality and service rendered by the people at River Kwai Jungle Raft.
27 Decembre 2009
Jonpaul Whitaker
4 of us stayed at the River Kwai floating rafts hotel. Although the drive from Bangkok was very long it was well well well worth it upon arrival. The Location is breathtaking and the hotel was beautiful. Although i have never been to hotel with no electric before it was an experience and one i enjoyed as it was not needed. The wildlife there was amazing and the staff were very friendly and also very funny at times. 10 out of 10 and a high recommend for anyone thinking of a quiet get away.
12 Decembre 2009
Zareen Hayat
really good experience, quiet, peaceful and very different. amazing setting would recommend!
14 Novembre 2009
great trip one night on the rafts with no electric best nights sleep for ages the resort hotel was good as well the only problem was the food on the raft was very poor
Date et voyageurCommentaires sur River Kwai Jungle Rafts - Kanchanaburi - SaiyokeQuote

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