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Koh Chang Resort & Spa

39 Moo 4, Koh Chang
Trat 23100

Location:Koh Chang, Klong Prao Beach
Hotel Category:
Travel Reviews: rate review 6.2 (31 reviews)

The Koh Chang Resort & Spa has been the pioneer in exploring the beauty of Trad since 1987. At that time there were no roads, electricity or other facilities. Our professional experience will let you have memorable time for your holiday. The location Chaiyachet Beach is added with crystal-clear & white sand beach will give you more privacy to have your relaxing holiday. The proper slope of the beach makes it safe for swimming and all other sport activities.

We have achieved the international level of hotel and resort standard with the total 151 rooms. The layout of all buildings at our resort, along with plenty of space on the island will make you fell comfortably relax. We care about the scenery, so you will not be disappointed for the perfect location to take memorable photos during your holiday.

All Room Amenities
  • - Air condition
  • - Ceiling light fan
  • - Television 21”
  • - Refrigerator + mini bar
  • - Telephone
  • - Hair Dryer
  • - Hot + cold water system (Solar - Cell)
  • - Free Wi-Fi
Standard Building Hillside
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of rooms Total of rooms Bed Type
S101, S201, S301, S401, S501 38.25 5 55 King Size
S102, S202, S302, S402, S502 37 5
S103-S111, S203-S211, S303-S311, S403-S411, S503-S511 30 45
Superior Building
Floor Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Total of rooms Bed Type
  B02-B04, B08, B10 37.25 6 86 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
  B06 35.00 1 Twin beds (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
  B14-B19 27.60 6 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
1 101-116 37.50 16 Twin beds (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
2 217-225, 227-237 20 Twin beds (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
3 338-358 29.75 21 King Size
4 460-475 16 Queen Size
Superior Bungalow
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Total of rooms Bed Type
A10-19 27.50 10 34 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
C01-C14 27.00 14 Twin beds (Can offer mattress bed)
V01-V06 27.00 6 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
V07-V10 30.50 4 Twin beds
Superior Type D
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Total of rooms Bed Type
D01-D05 27.00 5 7 King Size
D06 20.00 1
D07 26.00 1
Superior Hillside
Deluxe with Jacuzzi
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Total of rooms Bed Type Additional Amenities
B01 26.00 1 9 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
  • - Kettle
  • - Safety Box
B05, B07 35.75 2 Twin Beds (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
B11 37.00 1 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
B12, B13 32.75 2 Twin Beds (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
B20, B21 35.00 2 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
226 58.25 1 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
Beachfront Bungalow, 1st-3rd row
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Bed Type Additional Amenities
A01-A08 30.50 8 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
  • - Kettle
  • - Safety Box
  • - Television LCD 32"
Family Bungalow
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Bed Type Additional Amenities
A09 44.30 1 King Size (Can offer mattress bed size 3.5" 1 set)
  • - Kettle
  • - Safety Box
Seaview Suite with Jacuzzi
Room Name Room Size (Sq.m.) No. of room(s) Bed Type Additional Amenities
459, 476 57.75 2 King Size (Can offer extra spring bed 1 set)
  • - Kettle
  • - Safety Box
The Sunset Seaside Restaurant
Located on the perfect spot on the island, with a rich variety of scenery to match your meal throughout the day. Our restaurant is next to the sea with open air pavilions and a balcony giving fabulous views out to sea and of course the marulous sunsets.

All the foods and drinks we provide have achieved the hygiene standard, with good service from our resort staff. Room serviced and delivery to the beach available

Meeting facilities include :
  • - 2 units projector and slide screen
  • - Sound and light system
  • - Wireless microphone
  • - Hi-speed internet
Snorkelling Trip
  • - At Koh-Kra Koh-rang (08.30 a.m. - 05.00 p.m.): The best place for snorkelling on Koh Chang can be seem beautiful coral and school of fish.
    Include : mask , life vest, towels, lunch, fruit, water.
  • -
    At Koh Yuak (09.00 a.m. - noon): Can be seem sandy beach for relaxing and swimming with school of fish.
    Include : mask , life vest, towels, water.

Playing The Sea Kayak: From Newzeland.

Visit Klong Plu Waterfall: Biggest and beautiful waterfall on Koh Chang.

Elephant Riding (Ban Chang Chotiman): Popular elephant trekking on Koh Chang.

Visit Fisherman Village: Can be seem fresh seafood , fisherman's life.

Night Fishing : Squid Catching Trip
Include : equipment & water

Kayak Beach Spa Sunbath on the beach
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Van Service
Hotel Facilities & Services
  • - Umbrellas & Beach beds
  • - Convention Hall
  • - Life jackets & snorkeling mask
  • - A swimming pool & spa including hot & cold water
  • - Jacuzzi sauna & steam bath with Spa center
  • - Water sports such as sea kayak and snorkeling
  • - Squid catching
  • - Ferry service


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Date et voyageurCommentaires sur Koh Chang Resort and Spa - Koh Chang - Klong Prao BeachQuote
6 Janvier 2015
The pictures on the website are totally misleading: This resort is an old, run down estate. Staff is not motivated for anything, though they tend to be nice people. Location is great - it must have been a wonderful place once...but maybe 20-30 years ago (?) Don t go there!!!
23 Fevrier 2014
PIERRE Jean Paul
If you like to shout, to be rude and vulgar, to drink beer at 10 am, if you do not queue for breakfast, if you like to book 5 seats on the beach even if you go excursion, if you speak Russian, this hotel is done for you! But not for us!!(at least when we went February 2014) That the reason why we changed hotel after 5 days. We moved to White Sand beach. Except this, the hotel need renovation every where. Obvious lack of maintenance. We were in the bulging opposite side of the main road, 3rd floor. There are 2 elevators; one is out of service, the second one broke down after 2 days…..and was not repaired when we left! The air con was leaking inside, on our stuff. they could not repair it properly! Nice beach, staff is pleasant, no problems. About 500 m from small shops and restaurants.
19 Fevrier 2014
The Family bungalow is great if you travel with children, good space and location next to the pool, beach and restaurant. There were some power failiure due to heavy rain that lasted for 1 -2 hours. Breakfast buffet could be better, some things wasn´t refilled and one day they ran out of butter :-( The service in the restaurant could be better but the food was good.
14 Fevrier 2014
Eva Hinrichsen
Bad breakfast, no juice and only marmelade to use on bread. Too long time to get fried eggs.
6 Fevrier 2014
Terje Josten
We had a really nice stay at Koh Chang Resort and Spa. But they need to do something with the breakfast. More western food like baguetts, salami and cheese.If they add this to the menu it would be perfect. But our stay at the resort was overall very relaxing and nice. Good service in the reception, also very good food and service in the restaurant. Nice beach with good service. The room service was also nice together with the bungalow. I will come back next year. :)
9 Decembre 2013
Zalevskiy Vladimir
Очень хороший пляж.Мы жили в бунгало супериор(на стороне пляжа).Номер не большой,но все необходимое есть:кондиционер,фен,шампунь,гель для душа.Чайника нет,рекомендую взять с собой маленький кипятильник.Территория неплохая,на первый взгляд,но не слишком большая. за 10 дней видели что убирали 1 раз.В номере убирали и меняли постельное каждый день,но пол подтирать забывали.Отдельная тема-Завтраки,из съедобного было:яйца,сосиски,гренки с маслом и джемом,ну и фрукты(пожалуй это все,ничего не забыли перечислить).Не знаю, чем там кормили детей.
19 Juillet 2013
Pacharee Polson
My experience at Kochang resort and spa was a nightmare,when we arrived at 4 p.m. we have to wait 25mins. for our room to be ready I thought ok they re supper busy that is agood sign but we saw no other customers.In the morning at breakfast we saw 2 other hetel customers beside us all day,that evening the hotel pipe broke and we had no t.v.and the toilet water keep bulbling making lound noises and the sink spit out nasty brown water that left brown ring around the sink also the maid pounded on our door real lound at 9 a.m.because they wanted to clean our room. Day 3 we woke up with horrible red itchy spots on our bodies and we notice that all of the sheets were real sandy and not to mention the hard rock pillows and real hard beds I could not use the pillow it hurt my neck,the glass in the room was barely rinse and rewrap in sanitation paper they did not put new clean glasses. We d stay there 3 night and we only saw 2 others customers in this big resort hotel the whole time and started wonder?when other hotel near has many people when we got back home we d check othe reviews I regret not checking the review before booking the room. My recommendation is DO NOT GO THERE!! Unless u want to be eat alive by bed bugs I have scap scars on my legs and arms and other area on my bodies for weeks:( NoT HAPPY! The location is great and the hotel is nice but too many problems too bad:(
23 Mars 2013
Sergey Kalkaev
Никогда не берите 2-ю линию! Номера полный отстой !-я линия все хорошо, пляж отличный
2 Fevrier 2013
Maria Radkova
DO NOT CHOOSE THIS RESORT ANYWAY! If you want to have a room with properly working sinks and showers, bed clothes without holes and spots on it, if you don t want to smell the bathroom stinking of urina every day, if you want to enjoy your TASTY AND VARIOUS breakfast at the seaside hotel restaurant, than please choose another hotel. The one and the biggest advantage of this resort is its beach that is clear and has one of the finest accesses to the sea.
10 Janvier 2013
Josef Varvoda
We have a good Holyday in the Hotel,but only the Service in Restaurant ist not so good !I think come again. Best regards J.Varvoda
26 Decembre 2012
Mr Lundvall
Really pleasant hotel with nice and clean room and a beautiful garden. Very good service and nice staff. Basic breakfast was served. Other gusets was taken food from the buffet and filled cans and plasticbags with food under the table. The buffe was to empty because of that. Unfortunately too few sunbeds, so we had to lie directly on the sand. The sunbeds was reserved with towels and belongings but no one was there. The staff did not prevent that kind of behavior. Many guests from Russia. Good location close to shopping and restaurants. Many salesmen on the beach every day.
15 Decembre 2012
Terje Josten
I had a really nice stay at Koh Chang Resort and Spa. Nice bungalow, good facilities at the resort and a really nice beach. Koh Chang Island is also å nice island with a lot of things to see and do .
17 Fevrier 2012
Hello. Thanks for your e-mail.We are very impressed of your hotel. The service and food was good and the beach was very good and close to the hotel. We like very much to come bask to you and we look forward to visit you again. Rgards Tommy
2 Janvier 2010
xxx xxx
NOT RECOMENDABLE< OVERPRICED LOUSY SERVICE We have stayed here from dec 29th until jan 2nd 2010. I must say, We have never been so dissapointed about a resort as we were here. Upon arrival, our room was dirty, there was a cockroach under the table, a dirty towel in that bathroom which was almost totally under water. The ceiling was leaking. Also the balcony was flooded. We went immediately to reception and after 20 min somebody came an cleaned the cockroach and took away the dirty towel from the bathroom and placed it on the balcony. We told reception about the leaking ceiling, they promised us 3 times somebody was coming, we never saw anyone. The next day (dec 30th) we wanted to go to the beach, the guys did not want to place a sunbed for us, because the next dat they had to build up for the new years event. Half of the beds was taken away and we did not see anybody builing up a stage or something. This was rediculous, there were 25 beds for the whole hotel! We went to the front desk and after complaints we finally got two beds. The next day there were not enough sunbeds either, also on jan 2nd, the beach was still not restored, still 30 beds for the whole hotel. Our most dissapointing thing was the new years eve dinner. We were charged 2500 Baht (apr. 50 euro) for LOUSY, cold, awfull tasting food and no drinks were included. Not even 1 alcoholic drink. I wonder why this costed 2500 baht. The show was a Thai program, which was totally not intesting for international guests and the music was also in Thai, but the theme was Hawaii. The tables were not decorated, there was nothing extraordinary. We saw the etablisement of other resorts and it was wonderful, festive tables, good food. I have complained at the front desk, I do not think this dinner was worth 2500 baht per person. We have payed 100 euro s for cold rice and mushy shrimps. An other remark about this hotel is: Nobody, execpt for one person at the front desk, speaks English. It is imposible to communicate. Once again, we are very, very disapoined and did not have a vacation feeling at this resort at all. We have traveld many kilometers from Holland to enjoy a nice vacation on Koh Chang and it was totally spoiled by this stay. I nwould NOT recommend this hotel to anyone
6 Mars 2008
Thomas Bengtsson
We have been in Thailand twice, people are very kindly and nice to children. But at this hotel (Koh Chang Resort & Spa) the staff cant speek english, even a bigger problem is that they dont want to understand. This place is not representive for Thailand, the bed and room are dirty, lot of bed bugs, dont look under the bed. The toilet is under all critic, stop in toilet and shower. Twice the aircondition stop working. For example, the guest before us leave a chewinggum on the table, the staff did not take this away for two weeks, and if you eat something in the room you have to go back to the restaurang with the dishes, if not dirty dishes stays in your room. Tourist from example Europe are not in prioritet compare to chines people who comes avery weekend ( a lot of chines and they reserve the hole restaurang), in the morning you have to go up latest around 08.00 if you want to have a chance to eat some breakfast, - dont go up, the breakfast is not good, you better sleep. Watch out for Russian people, they eat everything in the morning and take your sunbed at the beach even if you booked a bed, they dont care and the staff in the hotel doesnt understand what you trying to explain.If you want a sunbed,you have to reserve around 07.00. About the breakfast, we had to pay 125baht for our kid 8 years old just to eat a cold panncake, he dont drink juice or anything else becourse there is nothing left at the table. The only good thing with the hotel is when you leave it!!!!!! One thing that is good is the beach, that is really good and other hotels in this area is nice, at least nice and understand english. A tip, if you dont care living dirty and pay a lot of money for the room, you can eat cheap at paradise hotel, they are frindy and nice to children. One thing is ectremly clear, we dont coming back to this hotel even if they pay us money! Fam Bengtsson, Sweden.
Date et voyageurCommentaires sur Koh Chang Resort and Spa - Koh Chang - Klong Prao BeachQuote
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